Building Resilient Cities

Building Resilient Cities is a priority challenge for our societies, where the conjunction of urban sprawl and impacts of climate change create new risks for these major population and economic centers. To help anticipate, understand and manage these risks the AXA Research Fund has been supporting more than 23 leading researchers around the world dedicating their work to helping build more resilient cities.

On November 28th 2017, a conference on "Building Resilient Cities" at AXA Headquarters gathers some of these grantees experts from UN Habitat, AXA, Cities Risk Officers, National Geographic and other stakeholders. 

-All seats are taken, but you still can follow the conference on Twitter @AXAResearchFund #AXARF.
-To access the program and speakers, click-here (8.1MB).

Retrieve below the videos series developped by AXA Research Fund in partnership with National Geographic where AXA Fellows around the world exchange expertise and knowledge with AXA experts on key issues such as pollution, earthquakes, floods, demographics and the role of insurance.